Spring has Sprung- Dandelion

Hello All!

Thyme for Tiffin has awoken from its winter slumber, fresher than ever and we have got some great information coming your way this year!

What better way to start a new years updates of the wonders of the wild than with one of the most useful, but unfortunately one of the most misunderstood herbs, the Dandelion.

Yes the Dandelion is a herb and its list of uses seams endless! Its main property is the fact its a powerful diuretic, this is why its classically teamed up with Burdock, Burdock purifies the body and so as a team its the best spring clean you can give yourself!

The Dandelion doesn't just cleanse your liver but all the following:

liver disorders

inflamed gall bladder


mild jaundice

brightens eyes

helps with yellowing skin

appetite loss

urinary antiseptic

helps the flow of mothers milk

stimulates blood flow

mild laxative

removes bile

stimulates blood flow

regulates pancreas

muscular rheumatism

anorexia nevosa

heart failure



bladder disorders

promotes weight loss during dieting

But how do I consume this wonderful herb i hear you say? The young leaves you can use in a salad,or cook down like a spinach, or even dry and use as a tea.

The flowers can be thrown in to brighten up any dish or used to infuse oil, fill a jar with flower heads and oil, cover with muslin and leave in the sun, this helps infuse the oil. Then cap and use when needed, perfect as a salad dressing for your dandelion salad!

Although the roots are well known for being difficult to dig up it really is worth it. Once dried they can be ground for beautiful coffee or you can combine with dried Burdock root to make a super cleanse tea, and look at the colour!

So next time you see Dandelions in your garden, dont be filled with anger , be filled with joy of all the good ways they want to help you!

Please dont hesitate to get in touch and let us know your experiences with the Dandelion.


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