Heather Flowers

Yorkshire is lucky enough to be surrounded by such amazing scenery and over August it is transformed. Everywhere you look there are hills covered in blankets of purple, the purple Heather flower, latin name the Calluna Vulgaris .

Heather is a medisinal plant, believed to be used for its healing abilities for thousands of years, most likely as a tea. Heather tea can help to clense toxins from the organs and relieves inflamitory pains. It is especially good for the treatment of bladder, kidney and liver infections and for treating arthritus. A recomended does for infection would be 3 cups a day untill the infection was healed, although regualr consumpton of Heather would help prevent the build up of toxins and potentially prevent future diese.

Heather can also be used to make wine and beer, heres a recipie for Heather Wine found from the book "Sabbats by Edain McCoy" we will be making it, you should give it a go to!


4000ml water

450g fresh Heather (upper stawks and flowers only)

1kg sugar

1/4 tsp nutmeg

1/4 tsp allspice

60ml lemon juice


Gather the Heather and boil in the water untill it resembles dark tea, add more flowers and stawks if you think it ooks too week. Strain and discard the heather and once completely cool add the sugar, spices and lemon juice. Bottle and serve cold :)


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