What is in our ice cream?

Many cultures across history have experienced a love affair with edible flowers and herbs.

Arabs and Persians have eaten Rose and Orange petals for thousands of years, the same for the Japanese and Cherry blossoms. As Westerners our experimentation is fairly new and that is why we at Thyme for Tiffin think its about time to crank things up a notch, what better way than through ice cream!


We are passionate about food which is why we only use the best local ingredients. All eggs are free range and sourced from local farms from our happy Yorkshire valleys. We use goats milk rather than the heavily farmed cows milk, which adds to our totally unique flavours. Our herbs and flowers are from Organic Incredible Edible farm or Sagar Lane garden, also both nessled right here in Todmorden.

We have now launched our first flavours of vegan ice cream, its rich creamy and a must try!


Each tub is loveingly hand made with the intention to spread the beauty of flavours that these herbs and flowers contain.

Our Story


Thyme for Tiffin is a quaint place , nestled in the Yorkshire valleys, it is a strong believer in locally produced, ethical, good food.

Locally foraged fruits, herbs and edible flowers is the heart and soul of our business.

The creator of Thyme for Tiffin, Imogen Roze`s fascination started at an early age, from as young as 5 she recalls making concoctions with flowers and herbs from her grandparents garden. Infusing them with various things, bottling and then giving to family members. This, combined with over ten years experience working professionally with food, has blossomed into Thyme for Tiffin.

Starting with ice cream, we wanted to re create that feeling you had when you first tasted a summer strawberry. This feeling of something new, something beautiful is what we aspire to with all our unique ice cream flavours.

If ice cream isn't your thing then do no fear! We also have a wide variety of beautiful cakes, specialising in vegan, gluten and sugar free if needed.

But Thyme for Tiffin doesn't end with just the pudding! We are about good food, ethical and local and believe the atmosphere can be just as important as the dish in front of you. This is why we now cater for small or large party's, but not just supplying the food

We decorate your own space or provide a stunning setting for you and your guests, including live music, what ever atmosphere you are wanting we can create it for you.

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